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Plumber Fix Failed Water Heater?
Do You Need A Plumber To Fix A Failed Water Heater?

A failed or failing hot water heater often requires professional repair by a licensed plumber. Don’t try DIY fixes. Call for help if you notice leaks, no hot water, strange sounds or other red flags your system needs attention.

Insurance Cover Pipe Relining?
Does Insurance Cover Pipe Relining?

Most home insurance policies do not include cover for pipe relining or sewer line repairs. However, damage caused by blocked or burst pipes is often covered. Contact us to see if insurance will cover the costs of trenchless pipe relining to repair your damaged drains and sewer pipes without full replacement.

Fast Pipe Relining Balmain
Fast Pipe Relining In Balmain

Pipe relining is the fastest way to repair damaged pipes without excavation. It bonds a new pipe within the old one, sealing cracks and holes permanently. The process takes just hours compared to days for pipe replacement. Call Balmain Plumbing now on 1300 789 979 for same day pipe relining service.

Hot Water?
No Hot Water? Try This First

If you suddenly have no hot water, there are a few things to check before calling a plumber. Inspect your hot water system, gas valve and circuit breaker. If those don’t restore hot water, contact a licensed plumber for same-day service to get your hot water working again.

Clever water-saving tips plumbing emergencies
Clever water-saving tips for plumbing emergencies

Discover smart ways to conserve water usage and prevent plumbing emergencies. Fix pipe leaks early, install water-efficient fixtures, reuse greywater and monitor water usage habits. Contact Balmain Plumbing to schedule an inspection or repair today.

Instant Hot Water Worth Investment?
Is Instant Hot Water Worth the Investment?

Instant hot water systems provide endless hot water on demand while saving energy and money. Though more expensive upfront than storage tanks, analysis shows they are a smart investment for most homes.

Emergency plumber benefits businesses
Emergency plumber benefits for businesses

Engaging a reliable emergency plumber service allows for prompt response, diagnosis and repair of sudden plumbing issues like burst pipes or blocked drains. This prevents costly property damage and disruption from escalating in your business or commercial building.

Break Common Myths Unblocking Drains
Break Away From Common Myths About Unblocking Drains

Many myths exist around clearing blocked drains. Store-bought chemicals may seem convenient but often damage pipes, while DIY methods like boiling water rarely solve the underlying issue. Get the facts on what causes blockages, why they persist and the professional methods to effectively unblock drains.

Blocked Drain Leaks?
Can A Blocked Drain Cause Leaks?

Blocked and clogged drains are a common problem that can lead to leaks, flooding and water damage if left unchecked. When pipes back up behind the blockage, water can leak through seals and caulking. Get your drains cleared to prevent leaks, protect your home and improve drainage flow.

’ involved gas line repair?
What’s involved in a gas line repair?

A gas line repair involves a licenced gas fitter locating and sealing any leaks, replacing damaged sections of pipe and reconnecting your gas supply to get appliances working again. Call our emergency plumbers 24/7 for gas leak repairs.

Replace Plumbing Fixtures
When To Replace Plumbing Fixtures

If you notice leaks, corrosion, cracks or other damage around your plumbing fixtures, it likely means they need replacing. Our licensed plumbers can inspect your fixtures and pipes to assess if replacement is needed. Contact Balmain Plumbing to schedule an inspection or plumbing fixture replacement service.

Turn Gas Supply
How To Turn Off Your Gas Supply

If you smell gas or need to turn off supply before repairs, follow key safety steps: Open windows, don’t use electricals, then turn the meter valve perpendicular to pipe. Check our guide on shutting off gas.

soil sediment block drains?
Does soil and sediment block drains?

Soil, sand and sediment from construction sites can easily enter and block drains, increasing flood risk. Implement proper drainage controls like silt fences and sediment traps to prevent sediment-laden stormwater from entering local waterways.

Tips Prevent Plumbing Emergencies Home
Tips to Prevent Plumbing Emergencies at Home

You can prevent plumbing issues through regular pipe inspection and drain cleaning. Avoid pouring fats, oils or chemicals down drains which can cause blockages. For emergency plumbing repairs, call our expert team now.

Prepare home gas line extension
Prepare your home for a gas line extension

Extending or installing a new gas line in your home takes planning and preparation. You’ll need permits and inspections to ensure it’s done properly and safely.

Gas Fitting Permit Required Australia?
When is a Gas Fitting Permit Required in Australia?

Australian gas fitting regulations require permits, licenses and compliance certificates for safe installation of gas appliances. Using a licensed professional ensures gas systems meet all safety standards. Contact a certified gas fitter to arrange installation or servicing.

Recognising signs blocked drain
Recognising the signs of a blocked drain

Slow drainage, gurgling noises and foul smells coming from sinks or toilets are telltale symptoms of a clogged pipe. Acting quickly helps minimise damage.

’ Involved Gas Meter Upgrade?
What’s Involved In A Gas Meter Upgrade?

Upgrading outdated gas meters improves efficiency and can reduce costs. Our experts can arrange your gas meter upgrade and any alterations required to pipework or connections. Usually takes about 40 minutes.

Blocked Drain Emergency Guide
Blocked Drain Emergency Guide

Attempting to unclog pipes yourself can be dangerous and ineffective. This guide teaches you the dos and don'ts for blocked drains, signs you need emergency plumbing, and tips to prevent blockages. Call a professional emergency plumber if you have foul smells, overflowing water, or slow drainage.

Evaluate upgrade gas appliances
Evaluate and upgrade gas appliances

Replacing old gas appliances like heaters, ovens and stovetops with more efficient models can significantly reduce energy usage and costs. Use lids when cooking, defrost food before heating, and consider induction or reverse cycle heating and cooling.

Shut Gas Emergency
How to Shut Off Gas in an Emergency

If you smell gas or suspect a leak, take immediate action by turning off all gas appliances and pilot lights. Locate the main gas shut off valve outside at the meter and use a wrench to turn it a quarter turn perpendicular to the pipe until gas supply is cut off. Open windows and evacuate. Safety first.

Fix Clogged Drains Risky DIY
Fix Clogged Drains Without Risky DIY

Avoid common DIY drain cleaning mistakes like harsh chemicals, improper plunging, or poking. Professional drain cleaning gets clogs out safely, quickly, and completely.

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